Our Shrimp stands
out in any dishes!

We bring the finest shrimp of the pacific, processed with the highest standard, and deliver it to your kitchen doors! WINAROS has been working since 2005 and successfully developed the perfect chain of sourcing, harvesting and processing of raw material from the best ponds in Indonesia. We deliver premium gourmet quality shrimps to restaurants, retailers and distributors.



We are the secret behind
your memorable dish

We make sure that our customers' demands are met by offering many varieties and specifications of shrimp. From head-on splits to raw shell-on to easy peel, peel & deveined and cooked or breaded, Winaros prides itself on its wide selection.

Our commitment to food safety and quality assurance requires an extremely high-level of skill and attention to detail. We are very proud of the quality people we have secured to take on the important challenges inherent in this facet of our operations.

Winaros' high standards in quality, just made our products stands out from our competitors.